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on 11 February 2018 at 09:56:27 MST

-Dusts off account-

Heya! Long time no see! I've decided to start archiving my work on Weasyl since it's just about the only proper art site with a nice simple interface anymore. It's nice to see the place is still pretty active and there are even great artists here that I haven't seen anywhere else!

I'll be uploading my work from FA over the next few days and then start posting my current work. I plan on axing my FA in a bit, nothing happened, just kind of bored with it and want to move on.

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    Oooh, thanks for the followback friend! It's really flattering, as I absolutely love your work!

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    I adore your work!! 💙

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    Sorry not sorry for fave spam. ♥

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    I love your pics mate, and that banner looks adorable~<3

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    Who did your banner?

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      I made it! :>

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    You got some cool stuff here! +watch

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    Yay you're on Weasyl ! :3