I am Stephanie, but you can call me Schiraki on the web.

I am a traditional artist from germany that loves animals and living things. My favorite themes are Fantasy- and Animal-Art in nearly any media.

I love to meet new artists and people who are just interested in art. :)

So if you are interested in getting in tough with me, dont be afraid to write me, I dont bite.

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I will be slow (sick)

on 3 September 2018 at 01:01:43 MDT

Hello everyone!

Some of you already noticed at eurofurence that I have been sick and was not the whole time at my dealers den table.
I felt so bad that my husband had to stay at my table half of the time. This has been the first eurofurence I could not enjoy, because I felt horrible.

I was diagnosed with a sinusitis about 2 weeks before eurofurence, visited 5 doctors in the process, but I am still not better, because it seems the sinusitis (wich ich nearly gone) was just a sign for a bigger issue.

The last doctor I went to diagnosed an allergic reaction and now that I am back home, its worse then ever before.

My eyes are swollen and burn, there are times I have problems breathing, believe me, I feel horrible and lost 3 kilogramms through this whole mess.

I am afraid as hell, that my cats could be the problem (I am exposed to cats every day since 10 years and never had a problem, but now...), but I can not know for sure before I got tested, wich will take some time before it can be done because I take medicaments at the moment to get the symptoms to a bearable level.

I try to get rid of everything that could be the cause exept of my cats, till then.

Stop working will not gain me anything, because I feel bad nevertheless. But I am not at my best health and there are times its hard to concentrate.
Till I get my life back on track, I will be slow with everything.

Please dont be mad at me, when I am slow responding to notes, or if I dont respond to comments at all.
Please dont be mad at me if you have to wait longer for work to get done.

My life is crumbling a bit here, I cant stand the thought that I could have to part from something that is so incedible precious to me like my cats.
I am crying just from the thought of it.

I have to gather all my strenght to go on at the moment.

So please dont be mad at me.
Work will be done, I got it all written down. But I will be more slow as usual and I will be very silent on social media for some time.

I am sorry. I am so mad at this mess of a body I am stuck in, I wish I could change things, but I am completely helpless at the moment.

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    Viele Dank for the follow!

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      You are very welcome. Great artwork. :)

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      You are very welcome. ^^ That face is priceless.

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    You have amazing traditional work!

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      Thank you very much! :D

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    Danke für den Fave! :D Deine Kuchen(-Box) hat mich gerade total gekillt LOL